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Clean Air Institute selected to scale-up the BreatheLife Global Campaign

Washington DC, May 29th 2018. Clean Air Institute (CAI) has been chosen by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) to serve as one of the implementers to further scale up the BreatheLife global campaign, focusing efforts in the Latin American and the Caribbean region. Selection has been based on CAI’s track record in improving air quality and mitigating climate change in this region.

First Regional BreatheLife Workshop in Latin America and the Caribbean held in Medellin, Colombia in October 2017, attended by officials and experts from the environmental and health sectors from all over the region.

BreatheLife aims to mobilize cities and individuals to protect our health and our planet from the effects of air pollution, bringing together expertise and partners that can tackle both the climate and health impacts of air pollution in support of local, national and global development goals.

Through an agreement signed by Helena Molina and Sergio Sanchez, Heads of the CCAC and CAI respectively, CAI will provide leadership and assistance for achieving BreatheLife’s purpose to create change by engaging cities and governments to:

· Join the campaign and set air quality targets;

· Informing citizens of actions that can take to reduce their contribution to air pollution and protect themselves; and

· Supporting the health and environment sectors so they can lead more assertive government and citizens action.

The envisioned tasks for CAI include:

· Lead development of a regional webinar series involving cities in the network;

· Follow up on the First Regional BreatheLife Workshop held in Medellin;

· Support development of BreatheLife web multilingual materials, and media and social outreach for Spanish speaking countries;

· Bring new cities to the BreatheLife Network.

The Clean Air Institute is a CCAC Non-State Partner since 2013. Among other activities, CAI has been actively engaged in launching the BreatheLife campaign at Habitat III in Quito in 2016. CAI has also assisted the organization and implementation of the first BreatheLife Regional Workshop in Latin America held in Medellin, Colombia in October 2017.



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