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Clean & Low Carbon,

Sustainable Transport

Clean Air Institute designs and assists implementation of integrated environmental strategies to improve transportation systems for improving air quality, mitigate climate change and simultaneously achieving other environmental, social and economic benefits.

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Our programs


Applied approaches & tools for low carbon mobility

We apply the Integrated Environmental Strategies approach to assist the identification, evaluation and prioritization of high impact, cost-effective, sustainable mobility options.  By using this approach, we have assisted a number of national and city governments to develop and implement solutions to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, address congestion and diminish accidents. 

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Instruments to foster sustainable mobility modes

By combining policy instruments to "push and pull" travel demand, Clean Air Institute assist the development of both public and private tailored projects to transform transport mode distributions in favor of sustainable mobility. Telecommuting, labor schedule management, promotion of cycling & public transport, and parking management, are some of the integrated strategies we use to achieve government and/or corporate goals on emissions, , energy consumption and accident goals, which  


Saving lives and fuels while reducing emissions

Ecodriving means a smart and efficiente way to drive motor vehicles to improve fuel economy. It represents a new driving culture that optimizes the use of advance vehicle technology while improving road safety. As a key tool for sustainable mobility, it leads to reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change.

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Abate air pollution from ocean going vessels

We provide technical assistance and policy dialogue activities to establish and implement MARPOL Annex VI and Emission Control Areas. MARPOL is the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships. Specifically, Annex VI of MARPOL focuses in reducing air pollution from ocean-going ships, by establishing establish limits on nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions and requiring the use of fuel with lower sulfur content. The overall purpose is to protecting people's health and the environment by reducing harmful air pollution levels.



Reduce freight pollution by optimizing the supply chain

We works with governments and companies to develop and implement integrated solutions to improve efficiency of the supply chain to save fuel and reduce emissions from freight operations. For example, solutions might include freight demand management options such as alternative delivery schedules, preferential freight corridors and improved information systems and associations to optimize freight trips. Traffic management technologies and low emission distribution alternatives are also part of the equation.   

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Urban Mobility

Urban sustinable transport

El Clean Air Institute está llevando a cabo el Programa CONDUCE Internacional, en colaboración con entidades líderes del gobierno y sector privado,  para reducir la contaminación del aire y combatir el cambio climático.

El propósito de CONDUCE es desarrollar capacidades de manejo eco-eficiente y demostrar sus beneficios, a través de la participación de conductores, gerentes y empresarios.


Unete a CONDUCE para integrarte a nuestra red internacional de conducción ecoeficiente, con múltiples beneficios ambientales, en seguridad, económicos y de bienestar para los conductores.


Mejor desempeño ambiental

  • Reducción gases de efecto invernadero (CO2)

  • Disminución de contaminación atmosférica

  • Menores niveles de ruido


  • Ahorro de combustible 

  • Menores pérdidas económicas por accidentes

  • Incremento en duración vehículos

  • Reducción de costos de operación y mantenimiento

¿Sabías que la

Conducción Ecoeficiente

ahorra entre 

15% y 40%

el consumo de combustible?

  • Conducción segura

  • Reducción de incidencia y severidad de accidentes

Mayor seguridad

Bienestar a conductores y usuarios

  • Menor estres 

  • Mejora del confort 

  • Certificación internacional 

  • Acceso a redes de conducción eficiente

Unete a ConducE

Mejora hábitos de conducción, mejora el desempeño de tu vehículo o flota y protege al ambiente

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Maritime emissions

Maritime traffic and its emissions are rapidly increasing.

Ratification of MARPOL Annex VI  to control emissions from shipping enable countries to start controlling these emissions.

However,  del Anexo VI de MARPOL es insuficiente para detener el aumento de las emisiones marítimas.

Therefore, countries can request the International Maritime Organization the establishment of Emission Control Areas.

By addressing shipping emissions, countries can significantly enhance health and environmental protection in both coastal and inland areas.

Maritime Emissions

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