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Experts and Staff

Clean Air Institute brings together diverse talented experts working to produce solutions to ensure people can breathe clean air.

MSc. Juliana Klakamp

Chief Operating Officer

Leader of CAI’s international program and specialized in working on the design and implementation of the Integrated Environmental Strategies approach in Latin American cities. Currently working on the design of policies and instruments, environmental evaluation of new technologies, characterization of environmental contamination, and analysis of co-benefits.

Juliana holds a track record of more than 12 years of international experience, providing specialized assistance and support to international organizations, governments, academia and civil society organizations, on issues related to air quality networks, air quality management, air quality policy implementation with stakeholders’ successful involvement. She has worked extensively at local, national and regional scale in Latin America, with a strong knowledge on and practice in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua, as well as knowledge management initiatives throughout the region.

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MSc. Natalia Restrepo

Policy Engagement Specialist

Policy engagement specialist with wide experience in the development of air quality management plans with emphasis in public health and climate across Latin America. Currently working on technical assistance and capacity building activities for the region as well as defining sectoral policies and instruments, environmental assessment of technologies with the support of CAI´s specialists.


Natalia holds experience of more than 10 years building multi-stakeholder working groups involving representatives from city and national governments, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, academics and private sector. Natalia successfully led the implementation of the BreatheLife campaign activities in Latin America achieving the adhesion and active participation of more than 25 cities to this important initiative proposed by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition – UN Environment. Natalia has participated in air quality, climate change and environmental health projects, including Peru, Colombia, Mexico, United States and Canada.

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MSc. Marcos Cardenas

Technical support

Project´s technical support with an experience of almost 10 years working on environmental management approaches (air, water and solid waste). Currently, supports CAI in a project basis in topics related to household air pollution, and to air quality and health and progress of SDG indicators 3.9.1 and 11.6.2.


As part of the Clean Air Institute, Marcos participates in air quality, climate change and environmental health projects in Colombia and Mexico, as well as giving support on CAI´s regional initiatives.

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BSc. Jorge Martinez

Data science and Information Technology Specialist

Data science and information technology specialist with more than 20 years of working experience in areas of comprehensive environmental management, especially in air quality design and development of policies based on analysis and management of data to define environmental indicators. In addition to the implementation of scenario models, diagnosis of environmental system applications and development of tools in geographic information systems (GIS).


As part of CAI, Jorge works on big data compilation and analysis, designing tools and models and preparing graphics and maps using GIS. Jorge also administrates CAI’s website.

BSc. Isabel Osorio

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Analyst who supports the CAI in areas of budgeting, controlling costs, and performing administrative duties on payment and contracts. Isabel is also responsible for the hiring process and development of CAI's employees. Furthermore, she supports the CAI keeping all the statistics, costs, and data updated physically and in the database.


Isabel holds a B.S. degree from the University of Maryland in Management and extensive experience in Accounting and Administrative duties.



Eng. Alberto Cruzado

Industrial Emissions Expert

Alberto is currently the President of the College of Environmental Engineers of Mexico. Mr. Cruzado has more than 25 years of working experience in environmental management issues related to air quality and in protecting public health from the effects of air pollution with emphasis in industrial emissions.


As part of CAI, Alberto provides advise and expertise in the preparation of studies and projects in the field of industrial emissions prevention and control as well as industrial emission inventories in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, and United States

Eng. Miguel Angel Roman

Technical Specialist in Environmental Health Models

National Certificate by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), as an expert in the management of the BenMAP CE Model, and Management of the WHO AirQ+ Model.


With more than 30 years of experience in environmental issues, he collaborates with the Clean Air Institute in the estimation and evaluation of the Environmental Burden of Disease for countries in Latin America, Central America and Mexico, among others.

MSc. Ana Zuleima Orrego

Advisor on Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Episodes Plans

Advisor in the definition of Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Episodes Plans with 16 years of experience on air quality management.


Including planning and supervision in air quality, climate change and management for the management of critical episodes due to air pollution.

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