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Pigeca 3.jpg
Pigeca 3.jpg

Comprehensive air quality management plan for the Monterrey Metropolitan Area

Financed by: Environment Secretariat of the Government of the State of Nuevo León.

Location: Monterrey Metropolitan Area - Mexico.

Year: 2023.

Project description

CAI led the process of defining the Air Quality Management Plan for the Monterrey Metropolitan Area (MMA) (PIGECA 2023-2033), including both, its technical and institutional foundations. The PIGECA for the MMA is the second plan in the LAC region developed through a participatory approach involving internal and external stakeholders. This approach was based on establishing Air Quality Governance mechanisms for the MMA, which entail continuous communication, participation, and monitoring. The following key outcomes were achieved:

• Integrated solutions were proposed and prioritized for addressing air quality, climate change, and health issues.

• Individual and sectoral commitments were established to reduce air pollution.

• A governance mechanism was established with participation of industry, the transport sector, civil society, and academia.

• A monitoring, evaluation, and communication framework was put in place to assess the results of the implementation of the plan.

Furthermore, the successful implementation of PIGECA aims to reduce premature mortality associated with chronic exposure to fine particles by 66% (1,700 deaths) for the MMA by 2033. It also aims to achieve compliance by 2033 with the Environmental Health Standard NOM-025-SSA1-2021 and intermediate goal 4 (IG-4) of the WHO Air Quality Guidelines, which sets a target of 10 ug/m3 of PM2.5 annual mean by 2033.

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Learn about all the content of the PIGECA of the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey

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