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Pilot test of the WHO Carbon-H tool

Financed by: Pan American Health Organization.

Location: Colombia.

Year: 2021.

Project description

Climate change has negative effects on human health worldwide. Mitigation efforts require estimating the health benefits of lower air pollutant emissions.

The World Health Organization's Carbon Reduction Benefits on Health (CaRBonH) calculation tool allows quantification of the physical and economic consequences for human health achieved through improvements in national air quality from domestic carbon reductions, specifically policy mitigation actions and measures as reported in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

The CAI provided support in the pilot project for applying the Carbon-H Tool to evaluate the health co-benefits of NDCs in Colombia. The project results were published by WHO in a technical report that involved the participation of several experts from CAI, PAHO, Colombian ministries, and other entities.


Explore the results of Carbon-H application in Colombia

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