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Mapping of Air Quality Management Capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Financed by: Pan American Health Organization.

Location: Latin America and the Caribbean.

Year: 2023.

Project description

This project aimed to identify and assess the air quality management capacities of 152 cities in the region. The goal was to identify strengths and gaps, as well as areas for future collaboration that can enhance local efforts to mitigate emissions and subsequently improve people's health. Additionally, it sought to discuss the implications when monitoring the progress of cities in achieving the WHO Air Quality Guidelines and some of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A capacities´ matrix for the region and a detailed report with the main findings was delivered, as well as supplementary documents to facilitate a better understanding of the collected information (glossary of terms and search criteria, summary of results by country and by city, among others); a draft of a scientific article summarizing the results; a repository of maps, charts, tables, and summary mosaics; among others.


See the publicly available executive summary

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