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Air Quality in Latin America: A Panoramic Overview

Financed by: Global Environment Facility (GEF), World Bank, and Spanish Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean (SFLAC).

Location: Latin America and the Caribbean.

Year: 2013.

Project description

This report represented a first attempt to collect, analyze, and present data from air quality monitoring conducted in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, to provide an overview of the state of air pollution in Latin American cities for the year 2011, as well as recent trends in concentrations. The study also gathered the most up-to-date information, at that time, on air quality standards throughout the region.

The structure of the publication is as follows: general overview and context of air quality management, information on the main pollutants, objectives, methodology, air quality standards, pollutant concentrations in Latin America and the Caribbean, discussion and recommendations, references and annexes.

Over the years, this report has served as a reference for researchers, decision makers, international support agencies, among others, as it is an excellent compilation and discussion on the reality of air quality in the region.


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