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Practical Guide to Conducting an Initial Estimation of Health Benefits from Air Quality Improvements in Cities of Latin America and the Caribbean Using the AirQ+ Tool

Financed by: Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

Location: Latin America and the Caribbean.

Year: 2022.

Project description

This document was developed within the framework of the project 'Supporting Clean Air Science and Regional Cooperation project to deliver key components of the Promoting International Commitment and Global Action for Air Quality Management with Clean Climate & Development Co-Benefits' in Latin America.

The guide aims to expedite the development of health impact assessments through the use of the AirQ+ tool to strengthen air quality management in cities.

Written in Spanish, it serves as a valuable resource for professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean across the health, environment, energy, transportation, and academic sectors, among others. These professionals will be empowered to conduct health impact assessments by following the guidelines provided within the document.


Explore the guide and begin conducting your health impact assessments

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