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Roadmap of the Regional Group of Experts on AirQ+ for Latin America and the Caribbean

Financed by: Pan American Health Organization.

Location: Latin America and the Caribbean.

Year: 2023.

Project description

Since the end of 2022, the PAHO and UNEP, together with the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), have been working on a regional strategy to increase the capacity for assessing health impacts attributable to air pollution in the region, to such an extent that it has been decided to establish a Regional Group of Experts on AirQ+ in LAC for permanent operation.

The CAI was selected to develop the roadmap for the expert group, in which its objectives, goals, and lines of work are designed and included. To this end, the final document will include four sections: background, impact assessment in the region, roadmap as such, and members of the group. Previously, during 2023, the CAI participated in the organization of the "AirQ+ Trainer Training Program," which included virtual and in-person sessions attended by more than 140 professionals from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

The objective formulated for the group, with the support of CAI, is to expand and strengthen regional capacities for the periodic assessment of health impacts of air pollution in LAC cities and countries, using the AirQ+ tool for policy development, as support for regulatory updates, and as input for risk communication, in a sustainable manner over time.


Learn more about the Regional Group of Experts on AirQ+

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