Experts and Staff

Clean Air Institute brings together diverse talented experts working to produce solutions to ensure people can breathe clean air.

MSc. Juliana Klakamp

Chief Operating Officer

Leader of CAI’s international program and specialized work in the design and implementation of the Integrated Environmental Strategies approach in Latin American cities. Research and development leader in the field of assessment frameworks that include a set of methodologies, models and tools that serve as a basis for evaluating the impact of projects on emissions to be used within Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as for reviewing and assisting CAI project techniques. Currently working on the design of policies and instruments, environmental evaluation of technologies, characterization of environmental contamination, and analysis of co-benefits.

Juliana holds a track record of more than 10 years of international experience, providing specialized assistance and support to international organizations, governments, academia and civil society organizations, on issues related to air quality networks, air quality management, air quality policy implementation and stakeholders’ successful involvement. She has worked extensively at local, national and regional scale in Latin America, with a strong specific knowledge on and practice in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua, as well as knowledge management initiatives throughout the region.

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MSc. Natalia Restrepo

Air Quality, Climate Change and Policy Engagement Specialist

Air quality, climate change and policy engagement specialist with wide experience in the development of air quality and decontamination plans for different cities across Latin America.

Expertise in building multi-stakeholder working groups involving representatives from city and national governments, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, academics and private sector. Currently working on the design of environmental policies and instruments, environmental assessment of technologies and analysis of health co-benefits related to air quality improvement. Natalia successfully led the implementation of the BreatheLife campaign activities in Latin America achieving the adhesion and active participation of more than 25 cities to this important initiative proposed by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition – UN Environment.

As part of the Clean Air Institute, she has participated in air quality, climate change and environmental health for several projects in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, United States and Canada; as well as leading the BreatheLife Workshop held in Colombia as a specialist fostering the policy engagement among different governmental entities.  

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MSc. Marcos Cardenas

Environmental Engineer

Engineer with experience in training and research in environmental management and water quality and treatment. Author of refereed articles and national and international papers addressing environmental topics.

As part of the Clean Air Institute, he has participated in air quality, climate change and environmental health for projects in Colombia and Mexico, as well as giving support in initiatives with impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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