Strategy to Introduce Clean Vehicles in Colombia

The Clean Air Institute developed a project to design the strategy to accelerate the incorporation of clean vehicles into Colombia. The World Bank supported the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development in the development and implementation of a National Air Quality Policy. The introduction of clean vehicles is an important element of this policy to reduce the emissions generated by the transport sector in the country. Moreover, it is relevant due to its implications in the vehicle market at a regional level in Latin America.

For this reason, the CAI was appointed by the World Bank to develop a strategy to introduce more efficient and less polluting vehicles into Colombia. The strategy is divided into three complementary sections: 1) International Public Policy Practices and Instruments to promote clean vehicles around the globe; 2) Opportunities and Challenges to introduce clean vehicles into Colombia; and 3) Proposal to establish a series of economic and persuasive regulatory instruments to be considered by the Government of Colombia.

In 2010, the CAI concluded the first two phases of the strategy and is recently on the preparation process of the last section. This strategy represents a great opportunity to advance in the production and distribution of clean and efficient vehicles in countries around the region.