18 Oct - Clean Air Initiative for Latin America (IAL) - A call for action across the Region to improve air quality and mitigate climate change. Read more...

IAL is a unique multi-stakeholder partnership of government agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, development agencies, and the private sector with a common vision of improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in LAC countries. There are over 30 organizations involved in the IAL Network and many more unofficially involved in the work of the Clean Air Institute. CAI is now formalizing and expanding IAL to build more extensively upon the existing foundations.

IAL supports co-benefit approaches in light of the common sources of air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions, and the multiple impacts of short-lived climate pollutants on health, climate and environment. It seeks to remove barriers to improvements and advancement such as a lack of technical expertise, weak legislative frameworks, low profile of air pollution issues, lack of knowledge as to strategy and policy options, and financial resources. The expected outcomes include increased awareness, improved capacities, implemented strategies, committed funds and ultimately the optimum outcome would be a measurable reduction in emissions and improvement in air pollution concentrations for cities.

For more information on IAL and Membership application procedures please see: http://www.cleanairinstitute.org/ial
Both new and existing Members are asked to please complete the Membership Application Form